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Four more tips on how to recruit candidates using social media

Here are four more essential tips on how to best use social media to recruit candidates.

This post is a continuation of Four tips on how to recruit candidates using social media.

5. Use Linkedin

This social network appeared after Facebook, focusing only on business networking and connecting with work colleagues. You must post a profile of yourself or create a company page for your business so that it can be seen by others. One important thing is to make sure that you ALWAYS keep your profile up to date! Nothing worse than show disinterest towards your personal image!

6. The more contacts the better…?

Not necessarily so. Sometimes it might be better to focus on building a more solid relationship with fewer candidates and other recruiters rather than have a network so big that you aren’t even sure who you know and where from. Yet having a large number of people in your network can help you extend your reach to help you find the perfect candidate! Try to find the adequate approach according to your social media and company strategy

7. Advanced searching techniques

To most people, the concept of searching something online involves simply typing a keyword and browsing through the results displayed. Using only keywords will often yield irrelevant results to your search. Have a look at google search string commands to find out some commands that a typically accepted in most search engines. They will help you narrow down and find that candidate you are looking for!

8. The searched becomes the searcher

Don’t forget that you, as a recruiter, are not the only one out on a search. Many potential candidates are always seeking out new job opportunities and researching about companies. Once again, never let your companies online profile slip into oblivion, always keep it up to date so that candidates can better understand your company.

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