Talent Acquisition

We help you find and attract the best possible people matching the requirements of your vacancies as well as the culture of your organisation.

We use all available channels in variable combinations:


  • Post ads on job sites

    We identify the best sites that will provide you quality responses and post ads on them;

  • Database search

    We search databases to find the best results;

  • Direct search (executive search)

    We attract, analise and select the best executives;

  • Social media

    We search on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to find the right profile;

  • Personal and professional networks

    The classic way to find a talent: ask people about it. Do you know someone who knows someone? We use that as a tool, too.

We have proven strong customer satisfaction:


provided by customers since 2010

  • Client satisfaction for
    candidate competencies

  • Client satisfaction for
    profile fit within company

    • Unsatisfactory

    • Satisfactory

    • Good

    • Very Good

    • Excellent

    No projects less than good, most are very good or excellent!

Other talent solutions

We offer other talent solutions for your business, check it out: