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Four tips on how to recruit candidates using social media

The internet offers a wide variety of possibilities once it comes to the usage of social networking as a means to communicating and exposing your company’s brand.

A subject which is being actively discussed among recruiters today is the usage of social media for finding the best possible fit for a placement opportunity. Yet, at the same time, some confusion might arise once it comes to finding the appropriate tool for homing in on the candidates you want to attract to your company.

Here are four tips on how to effectively use social media for recruiting the right candidates:

1. Select a social network which best suits your needs

As mentioned before, the internet has a wide variety of social networks available. It is important to have in mind the industry and line of business your company is inserted into. For example, Facebook has extremely broad criteria for finding potential candidates while on the other hand, LinkedIn focuses specifically on an individual’s professional life rather than their personal life or hobbies.

2. Announce available placement opportunities on your profiles

Never forget that it is important to let the online world know that you are looking for someone to fill a specific position. Even though this might not directly target your specific candidate, someone might know that person you are seeking!

3. Your current employees are a good thermometer for the outside world

Your current employees are the perfect “showcase” to attract other potential candidates. Happy, motivated and well integrated workers will typically display a positive image of how your company works internally. Eventually, someone might see how well your employees speak of your company and ask them about a possible placement opportunity.

4. Always give a helping hand

If you see other companies or recruiters looking for a specific profile, help them by announcing their placement opportunity on your social network profile. This generates rapport and in the future an exchange of candidates among recruiters!

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