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Coaching 101: Defining executive coaching

This video explains very briefly what is coaching overall and also the difference between coaching and other misconceptions which people might have related to its significance and importance.


Coaching results: a behavior or perception change?

Marshall Goldsmith, creator of the Marhsall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (MGSCC), talks about how a solid coaching process can truly change a persons behavior, and not the perception others have of you.

Watch this video to better understand the difference between a change in perception and behavior and how they affect team work and leadership.


8 ways to reduce workplace stress

Nowadays, it is common for workers to have a wide array of projects running simultaneously, along with excessive work hours this can create stress.

See here these 12 ways to better handle stress within your work environment:

1.     Act Rather Than React


Don’t forget that not every situation you are involved in is under your control. But when it is, try not to be on the sidelines. Be active in a calm manner.


2.   Eliminate Interruptions


Focus is important in maintaining a calm demeanor. Things from coworkers showing up for a chat, email, phone calls can all distract you from your objective and make you become irritated. When at work, focus on work

3.   Healthy eating and sleep


Sometimes due to lack of time, you might end up eating fast or street food. Try to save sometime for yourself during the day and eat some healthier food. Also, when it’s time for bed, try to have a regular sleeping habit.

4.   Avoid overheating


When facing a delicate or stressful situation, don’t panic and eventually “overheat” your mind. Step back and cool down. Take a minute to truly reflect on the best solution possible.

5.    Don’t stress yourself


Stress might also come from within yourself! Pay attention as to when you are actually causing stress to yourself!

6.   Put yourself first


Do your own work first and then think about helping out others.

7.    Influence Others


Try to make a positive impact on those who make the workplace a less pleasant place.

8.   Criticize yourself (the right way)


Don’t let negativity overtake your mind if you get overworked or tired. Make sure you can differ constructive self-criticism from plain negativity.

The importance of having freedom in your job

Many companies begin to lose the workforce they have built over the years. Why? One of the main reasons is the lack of freedom they give the workers.

Look at this interesting infograph which outlines the reasons to why the work force is migrating towards freelancing and what their wishes are exactly.




SOURCE: Coolinfographics.com

Top 25 most common job interview questions

See here the 25 most common questions which might be asked at a job interview.

Prepare yourself before hand so that you won’t accidentaly answer a question in the worst way possible.