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Five more reasons to hire an overqualified candidate

Continuing our last post:


  1. Less steep learning curve – Due to the experience highly qualified individuals carry, their learning curve is less steep than a less experienced person, meaning they will learn all of the quriks of their function quickly.


  1. Not much training required – Highly qualified individuals are practically ready to perform! All they need is to know how things are done in your company because they already have a good general knowledge of the work involved in their area.


  1. Acting as mentors — Being considered seniors in the market, highly qualified individuals can act as mentors to others in the company. Their years of experience can translate into valuable advice and tips.


  1. More manageable than others – These people will typically be easier to manage once compared to others. Their familiarity with processes and the business flow will make them into automatic taskers.


  1. Think about the future – If your company has an expansion planned for the near future, you sure better have the right labor force for the job. Qualified people will help the company grow and shape into what managers and executives expect!