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Five unusual ways to find a job

Finding a job can be a tiring and repetitive activity at times. It involves a routine search and filtering of placement opportunities which might appear interesting to you.


Sometimes it might be a good idea to think out of the box!

 Thinking out of the box

Here are five unusual ways in which you can search for a job:


1. Be honest.

It is common for people to feel ashamed that they are jobless. Be honest when someone asks what you do for a living and say that you are currently looking for a job. This might open a door which you didn’t expect. Despite what you may think, this is a form of networking. The person to whom you said you are looking for a job might know of someone or a company which is looking for someone to hire


2. Don’t do what you love

Despite this going against what preached in the circles of career and life coaching, not following your supposed passion might be a way to finding a job.

Sometimes, if you insist on following a pre-existing passion, you might be blocking out possible job opportunities. It is common for you to find a passion of which you are not even aware with an unexpected job proposal


3. Invent and create your job

It may be easier sometimes to create your position rather than fitting yourself into an exsiting one. What is meant by this is that you should use your creativity in order to seek out a completely different position than that what you expect for yourself.


4. Listen to the market

Pay attention to what the job market is saying. Try to tune in and listen to what it is broadcasting. You may surprise yourself and find that you were approaching things the wrong way.


5. Start at the top and move down

Instead of searching for your typical everyday HR department of a company, try to reach the higher ups! Getting your CV into the hands of a high ranking executive can get you into a position which you didn’t even know was available.