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Five tips on how to regain motivation for your job

It may happen that your motivation at work may drop and everything you try may not help you recover it. You begin to feel like you are behind schedule and that you are not getting any work done.


To solve this, there are five key steps you must take in order to return to the work rhythm and desire you had before:

1.   Identify your tasks

Feeling that you don’t know exactly what to do can be frustrating. A feeing of lack of accomplishment may install itself upon you. Work is motivating once you see progress resulting from your efforts!

A good idea is to do a “done list” unlike a “to do list” at the end of the day. Write down all that you have accomplished every day and leave it visible so you can see exactly how much you have done!

2. Attribute significance to your tasks

Another key point to staying motivated is to know what impact the accomplishment of your tasks is causing to those around you. It could be of significant impact to your family, community, company coworkers, etc.

If you are unable to visualize the importance of your tasks, try to reach deep inside yourself and see the connection they have to the outer world.

3. Vary your work

It may happen that you are doing the same tasks every day. The idea here would be to vary the nature of your tasks.

Watch your work patterns so that you can detect the possibility of varying the work you do! This will cause different parts of your brain to be stimulated according to the point of each task.

4. Feedback

Feedback is an extremely motivating factor. It is the reflection of what others see as a result of your work. From it, you will now exactly what needs to be changed in the way your work.

5. Being able to work on your own

This is an important point to keeping motivation high. Being able to make your own decisions gives you a feeling of empowerment. How can someone feel motivated if they are not allowed to make decisions on how to conduct their job?

Therefore, having the necessary autonomy to decide on the best way to do things on your own is a highly motivating factor.