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Eight questions to ask yourself about your last hiring mistake

Employees with a poor performance can be the result of a bad decision taken during his hiring process.

This means that future hiring processes must be more elaborate and have better screening tools, such as psychometric tests.

Here are eight questions you should ask yourself when you notice that a hiring has gone wrong:

  1. What reason is attributed to this person which makes her unsatisfactory?


  1. Did you check for attitude issues during the hiring process?


  1. Has your hiring process been able to identify their skills and abilities?


  1. Was the person hired informed of the details of their position?


  1. Could any measure have been taken to help the person feel part of the company such as coaching or and onboarding program?


  1. Does the employee have all the necessary tools and information to properly execute their function?


  1. Are the employee’s co-workers supportive? If not, why not?


  1. Is the employee’s manager or supervisor well-trained in how best to mentor new hires?