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Top ten reasons why managers dislike hiring processes

10. Time consuming. Managers feel the traditional hiring process takes up too much of their time. The steps usually taken are sometimes seen as unnecessary.


9. Urgency. It is common for managers to require someone with a specific profile for a task which has already begun and is underway. As a result, they will not have the time (or focus) to gather all the information necessary to make the best possible decision for hiring the person which best fits their needs.


8. Too much to choose from. Despite specifying the exact profile of the person you are looking for, you will often receive the CVs of unqualified individuals.


7. Labor Laws. Sometimes labor laws can be quite unclear and even make hiring difficult, depending on your country.


6. Hiring processes are designed by HR, not managers. Managers might have a hard time understanding all the steps necessary, as it is not their area of expertise.


5. The lack of honesty of some applicants. Some applicants may not be totally honest about their qualifications. Some special psychometric tests may help you to find the truth about some aspects of an applicant.


4. References won’t lay out the cards. Managers might traditionally rely on references, but for legal reasons, the referrers might abstain from saying anything about the applicant.


3. New application process, same questions. Applicants which have gone through a few selection processes will be experienced in knowing what to answer and how to answer your questions.


2. Using only their gut feeling as a selection criterion. Despite a candidate showing to be the best possible fit, they might discard such a person in favor of another applicant towards which they have a strong gut feeling to be the best choice.


1.Elevated costs for hiring. This is probably the main reason to why managers dislike hiring processes. Despite it being expensive, making a mistake might incur in double the costs! This is why using specialized outsourcing can be the most effective and safe choice.

Based on: TLNT