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Five other unusual ways to find a job

Continuing from our last post:


6. Construct relationships with assistants

Along with starting at the top directly, you should focus on constructing a network with the assistants to executives. They have all the valuable information you may need to reach and become close to the executives.


7. Don’t immediately send CVs to the first jobs your find

Read very carefully the job description. Your desperation will only add to making the life of recruiters and the HR department more difficult. Make sure you fit into the bare minimum which is asked of for the position.


8. Use body language

When being interview, use your body language to demonstrate that you are interested and willing to truly pay attention to the interviewer.


9. Don’t look for the perfect job NOW

Try to visualize yourself in this new job in the future. Right now, you are very enthusiastic about your new position. But, how about in five or six years from now? How will you feel towards this current job then? This might help you avoid making a bad decision.


10. Become the brand

Once you have found a company you truly wish to work for, become their number one fan! Employees who truly stand for the company they work for ten to perform more enthusiastically than others who don’t”


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