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Best places to search candidates for free

Not always do you need to pay for databases and searching services when recruiting. This work can be done at practically no cost. All you need to do is search correctly online and have an eye for detail.

Pay attention to where the types of candidates you want converge online. Find the right people to get more information on where to search.

Here are five places where you can begin your search:



1. Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used social network in the entire world. Besides fun and entertainment, it can be used for professional purposes.

Search for groups inside Facebook. In groups, people with a common interest join together to share content and discuss subjects relating to the groups name.

For example, if you want to find IT professionals, search for “IT industry workers” or other similar terms. There you will find many people who most likely work within IT.

2. Twitter

Twitter works very differently than Facebook. It is a microblog where people post no more than 140 characters. But how exactly are you supposed to find the people you want?


Easy! Search for hashtags! Use terms such as #work, #job etc. Make sure you search for terms relevant to the area of work you are looking to recruit for.


This can be constantly monitored using twitter apps which update automatically such as Tweetdeck.

3. LinkedIn

The most obvious choice for recruiting someone would be Linkedin. It it the Facebook which is only related to professional matters.

There you can easily search for people according to a wide array of criteria such as work sector, experience, city and even current position.

4. Industry meet-ups and events

Search for meet-ups and events of the industry you are looking to hire for. This may imply travelling to a nearby city rather than waiting for some event to happen in your own.

This is the best way to meet a candidate in person. You will already get a feel of who they truly are and if you can visualize them fitting well within the company.

5. Student websites and forums

Students are usually very enthusiastic about their new line of work and eager to show what they know. Search for websites where they announce tht they are searching for a placement opportunity and make their intentions clear.

Also, students are part of online forums where they share information about study and work. Try to join these forums and observe members to find on which calls your attention.

Based on: TLNT