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Top 5 things employees need from their leaders in order to realize their potential

The role of the leader is central to the company in which he is inserted, where he will follow the vision which has been established by the executives, and also central to those who are in his team, in order to help those within his leadership to discover and realize their maximum potential.


See here five things a leader should do in order to help those around him realize their potential:

1. Value and respect them

A relationship in which the leader shows respect towards the employee and truly values their presence can go a long way. For this, there are no shortcuts; respect must be visible as well as signs that they are truly valued.

2. Back them up

Employees want a leader who they can count on, not only in terms of their work, but also to help them advance in their career. A sponsorship for advancement is a strong motivating factor.

3. Invest in their professional growth

Employees expect leaders to invest in them as much as they also invest their time to the team and the company. What is meant by investment is giving the employee chances to develop their skills as well as their leadership through coaching programs or other specialized courses.

4. Networking potential

Leaders should expose their employees to people of influence and decision makers. There shuld be sufficient level of trust in which the leader feels comfortable to let his employees expose themselves alone to the high-up bosses and showcase their talents.

5. Don’t feel threatened by them

At times, an employee can excel in a given area which is a potential point for development for his leader. The employee expects that the leader instead of feeling threatened by their advanced skills, instead helps them feel valued and secure of the strong skills they have.

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