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Six tips on how leaders should deal with ethics in the workplace

As previously talked about on our blog, ethics is something that must permeate entirely through a company, meaning that leaders must be a starting point as to setting a positive example too all those under their chain of leadership.

Overall, the difference that can be made when ethical leadership is put into practice can be astounding!

Here are six tips on how to exercise ethical leadership in practice:

  • Analyze all the factors involved in making ethical decision: Know and admit that taking an ethical decision may not be as simples as it sounds. Make sure that all of the players involved participate and discuss openly all the possible scenarios and outcomes of making a certain decision.


  • Make ethics and everyday business dealings go hand in hand: Ethics must be a modus operandi! It must be incorporated into everyday habits and practices, rather than looking pretty on paper.


  • Make respect part of the company culture: Respect must become part of a value which is held highly in your company. Respecting others boundaries and opinions is required to have a respectful environment.


  • Ethics must be practiced by all, no exceptions: Allow no excuses. Make sure that no one is exempted from meeting the ethical standards that are adopted. Make everyone accountable for their ethical (or unethical) behavior.


  • Reward ethical behavior: Leaders must recognize positive ethical behavior. Other than simply exemplifying what would be a positive ethical behavior,  when a positive behavior is displayed it must be recognized.


  • Expose ethics as a long term journey: Ethics is a long path which must be trailed for as long as someone is part of a company. Leaders must make it seem that ethics is a path which is followed on constantly and it is the leader’s role to put those who deviated from the path of ethics back on track.

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