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Seven characteristics of a top tier leadership team

Leadership is a characteristic which is a must for executives and managers. But many times, the way I which they exercise their leadership may lack in quality and consistency.

But let’s imagine that we put all of these leaders into a same team, which is a common scenario for any board meeting, for example. These leaders will take decisions which will decide the direction and the future of the organization they manage.

Therefore, a team composed of such people must have these seven characteristics in order to be highly successful in their leadership skills:

1. Every decision is argued from the top

All decisions should be debated. If a problem or an issue arises, the focus of everyone should be on resolving it, using a 360 view, which is the sum of all the different points of view.

2. Putting the team before oneself

Achieving a team goal is more important than achieving individual goals which can help one rise quickly or obtain some personal advantage.

3. The highest priority in the company will be the highest priority of the team

This means that team members do not prioritize their functional team’s action items as more important than the leadership team’s action items.

4. They all have a unique goal and can give their point of view clearly

Each team member will have a different way of seeing things, rather than being redundant and repetitive. This will contribute strongly towards getting decisions done!

5. Each individual can conform to not having things their own way

This is central to having a good outcome in a highly efficient team. All must conform that their own way is not necessarily the best way.

6. Support and back up each other

Knowing that others are there for you is very reassuring. Back up your colleagues as they most likely will do the same for you.

7. Communicate openly and socialize well amongst themselves

Open and frank communication is very important, as well as socializing among colleagues in order to discuss ideas.

Based on: TLNT