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Leadership and young age: 10 ways young people can lead

Young age does not necessarily mean that you cannot be a leader. See here ten ways in which young people can build their leadership skills through time:



1. Prepare before you engage the work market

  • When in college, you can actively participate in leadership organizations to already exercise your leadership abilities.

2. Read ahead

  • Research and read about what it takes to be a good leader according to different authors.

3. Evaluate if the organization is right for you

  • Knowing the company culture of the companies you want to apply to is very important. This will be a great differential once it comes to fitting into the company.

4. Always be prepared to learn

  • Remember that you will always learn new things even as you get older, and now at a young age this is not an exception.

5. Know your strong points

  • This is key as it will guide you to the area in which you can work well in and thrive!

6. Always lend a helping hand

  • Always offer to assist tose around you.

7. Work and play by the rules of the game

  • Be honest, integral and have a strong character. This is essential to growing the leader inside you.

8. Networking

  • Get to know others as well as get others to know you!

9. Recognize others work

  • Give credit to those who have done their respective tasks. Recognize their efforts.

10. Network with superiors and create a mentoring relationship

  • Become visible to thos hierachically above and establish a mentoring relationship with superios with whom you have a strong affinity.


Based on: Forbes