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When should you seek a coach for your company?

If you are a manager, director or even the owner of your company, you will inevitably reach a point where you will require a coach. There are numerous reasons as to why you might eventually seek a coach which fall into the following main categories:



  • When you have a close relationship to your employee, and consequently you know his wnats and needs, as well as his potential and desire to further develop. It is not recommended that you do the coaching yourself, as you might lack the tools which a professional coach has learned over the years.


  • When one of your employees ignores your feedback and also has a poor personal performance. It may be time to have a frank talk with him and help him set his work priorities. This person may be a potential coachee!


  • When an employee already has a hig performance and requires coaching to even further develop their skills. This is a typical “star on the rise” whom with the help of higher level coaching, will be able to achieve much more than he already has been achieving.


Overall, it is important to note that some questions should be raised prior to making a choice on which employee to coach.

1. Is this person coachable? Is this person willing to be coached?

2. Does this person understand that coaching will require them to question and challenge themselves, making them leave their comfort zone?

3. Does this persons schedule allow them to dedicate themselves to recieving coaching?


BASED ON: Harvard Business Review