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The dangers of being a perfectionist

Perfectionism is a desire thst people tend to have towards obtaining a result as close as possible to that which they perceive as perfect in whatever activity they do. This can at times result in certain “traps” which can cause the person to go around in circles and even feel frustrated.


There are three simples ways to avoid these “traps”:

1. Change your perspective.

2. Narrow your focus.

3. Don’t confuse perfection with excellence.


However, in order to put these steps into practice, it is important to first become aware that your degree of perfectionism is being harmful to your work and could be hindering your progress.

1. Remind yourself that no one and nothing can be 100% dependable.

2. Aim for average. Under-promise and over-deliver (but not too much).

3. Don’t get tripped up by your tendency to think in terms of extremes. Instead of Either / Or as a way to analyze everything – find the And in the middle.

4. Try to be conscious of the fact that your guarded behavior is likely to cause the very rejection, isolation and unloved feelings you fear.

5. It takes determination and patience to become less guarded. Avoid Worry, Rumination and Doubt.

6. Use “Thought Stopping” – When you recognize the negative thoughts, think of how it makes you feel – painful, anxious, angry or uncomfortable, not relief or satisfaction, distracting you from more positive, constructive thoughts. Pull on a rubber band on your wrist and say “STOP” aloud. Inhale deeply, and relax. Wait 15 seconds and repeat, “Worrying won’t help”. Do this until you move to something more productive.


Source: Executivecoachingconcepts.com