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Five dont’s for business and leadership


1. Do not have limited thinking

If you intend on being a strong leader, exercise your capacity for creative and expansive thinking. Having a limited mindset for creative thinking will eventually lead you to a dead-end street.


2. Do not think only about the company

Leaders seem to forget that individuals have their own wants and needs. In the long run, if a leader focuses only on what the company wnats and needs, he will eventually notice the motivation of this team begin to drop. The focus should be both on what is best for the company and what is best for those he leads.

3. Leaders must not have lack of self-command

A Leader must know how to be focused on solving problems which arise and running his team efficiently to promote growth.

4.  Do not have insufficient vision

A strong company has a strong enough vision which can be replicated and used as a guideline for all those who work in it. it is difficult for a leader to be able to lead appropriately without a sufficiently strong company vision.

5. DO NOT believe that you are what you think

It is importably to mentally reasure yourself of your personal image. But it is as important to distinguish the real you from the mental image you have of yourself. It is common to have both of these “yous” diverge greatly from one another. A good leader will be able to identify these diferences, if they exist.


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