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Three career mistakes you should make

Mistakes are part of the professional learning process for everyone, no exceptions. From them, we must extract a valuable lesson to better learn and refine our conduct and practices. Therefore, mistakes should be seen as normal and should, at times, be welcomed!

See here three mistakes which you should have made at least once during your career:



Mistake #1: Selling more than you are

This is common among individuals who are new to their line of work and the market.

Those who are new to their work tend to overpromise what they can deliver. Why? To show that they are capable and impress others, be it their colleagues or bosses.

Overall, it is important to be absolutely honest on what are your capabilities. If in the end you can exceed that what you promised, you will most likely impress rather than disappoint!


Mistake #2: Going Into an Interview Unprepared

This is something quite difficult to do naturally. You may try to research about the company’s history and read its yearly investors report, but you still don’t know what to expect from the interviewer.

But, being unprepared for an interview once will be enough to make you truly understand in practice how to do so in the best way.


Mistake #3: Rejecting an opportunity because you are scared

Suppose you already have a job in which you have to execute daily/monthly functions and that you are offered to pioneer a larger project simultaneously within your company.

You may at first shiver at the thought of taking on an important new project and reject it because you already have a large workload from your current position.

But it is important to take this extra step to deepen your skills and hone your abilities. Consider it an opportunity for personal and professional growth!

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