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5 things successful people don’t do on a daily basis



1. Wait until they are sure they will succeed

  • They aren’t scared to work on what they need to, even if it means making mistakes! The key is to work, even if it means you will learn new things on the job.

2. Multitask during meetings

  • Give the meeting the attention it deserves. While others have other things in their minds or are trying to do other activities while in the meeting, you should completely focus on the present moment.

3. Check your mobile while taking to others

  • The key point here is etiquette. Give people you are interacting with the appropriate attention!

4. Let your past dictate your future

  • What has passed, has passed. It is not a rule that you will repeat past failures. Learn to let the past go and focus on the future.

5. Say “yes” when you actualy mean “no”

  • Some people have a hard time saying no to other people’s requests. It is important to dedicate YOUR time to YOURSELF rather than to those who keep asking favors. It is important to assist others, but keep in mind that in order to develop your potential, you need to dedicate time to yourself.


BASED ON: Linkedin