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Triggers: Why is it difficult to become the person we want to become?

Marshall Goldsmith tells us about the concept of triggers, and why it may be difficult at times to become the person we want to become in our minds.

Marshall Goldsmith on how to get results

In this short video, Marshall Goldsmith gives us insight on how to get results from your work, independente of which type of work you are doing.


Three questions you should avoid asking at a job interview

The interview phase of a selection process is probably one of the most important phases. This is the opportunity you will have to shine and show who you truly are to the interviewer,

You will be asked quite a few questions and you will have the opportunity to ask a few questions back as well. But there are three questions (or similar questions) which you should avoid asking if you want to perform well.


1. “What does your company really do?”

This will clearly indicate that you have not prepared for the interview. It is important to prepare yourself for the interview with enough information so that you will know overall what is the companies line of business.

2. “How many hours am I expected to work?”

A question such as this will show that you may have other priorities in your life, and that they might compete directly with work. This will make the interviewer think in more detail wether you will be sufficiently dedicated to your future work.

3. “When will I get a raise?”

This indicates to the interview that your salary is your main motivation factor. In the long run, a worker who is hard to motivate might become a problem, specially when it is not possible to give him a raise. This lack of motivation will result in poor quality work and problems for the team and the company.



The daily routine of famous creative people

A work routine is supposed to be a part of one’s life rather than to BE one’s life.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to work flexbile hours, you can make your own working schedule, why not make it the way you feel will be the best for you?

This infographic shows the daily routine of famous creative historical figures. It is interesting to see the diference from one another! How about you? How would your daily routine look like if it were to be displayed on this graph?



SOURCE: NY Media Works

Employee commitment and worklife

This infograph summarizes how the work life of employees is affect due to external factors such as work hour flexibility and lack of traning or guidance hinder their personal progress.