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9 tips to successful leadership

A leader is not only someone who is above or ahead of other or his team. A leader is someone who can incorporate a series of characteristics in order to obtain results with the resources provided to him and make the best come out of each of his team members.


See here nine simple steps to developing a leadership habit:

1- Instead of holding your team responsible for doing all the work, set the example of what kind of work you expect of them by working youself.

2- Não Don’t be very emotional, but at the same time don’t stop yourself from displaying feelings about certain situations when necessary. Find a balance point!

3- Develop the ability of clear comunication. Remember that good communication also involves listening!

4- Establish clear goals with your team. Make them tangible, realistic and measureable.

5-Don’t discuss wok 100% of the time with your time. Relaxation is necessary as well as non-professional interaction.

6- When a conflict arises, always maintain your cool. A good leader must set the example by being serene.

7- Caso sua equipe deixou de cumprir prazos, não puna eles; busque descobrir a razão pela qual isso ocorreu e trabalhe o problema.

8- Sempre se utilize do planejamento antes de iniciar um trabalho. Estabeleça prazos, metas, datas, etc.  Always plan before starting a project. Establish deadlines, steps, player, etc.

9- Develop rapport with your team members. Don’t seem inaccesable.